Cloning an immoral and unethical act

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Why is Human Cloning Illegal ? ?

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Reservation form

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Cloning humans, once only ascribed in the pages of Mary Shelly's 19th century novel Frankenstein, may soon become a reality. Scientists" wishes came true in February with the successful cloning. While there is a lot of value with research about human cloning, it is an important picture into the mechanisms of human embryogenesis, there is a lot of opposition in the scientific community to pursue human reproductive cloning.

The goal of medical research is to improve human health and this ideally will occur through the reduction complications during birth. Dr. Leon Kass March 19, Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee. My name is Leon R. Kass. I am the Hertog I share your view that human cloning is immoral, as I also share your wish to the deed of nuclear transplantation is itself an act of cloning (it is the deed that produces the genetic replica), and its product is in both.

The regulation of human cloning continues to be a significant national and international policy issue. Despite years of intense academic and public debate, there is little clarity as to the philosophical foundations for many of the emerging policy choices.

The notion of "human dignity" is commonly. The prospect of cloning is diabolical in the sense of its precarious, immoral, and unethical effects to society.

Human Cloning - Congressional Record (House): April 26, 2001

We must not forgo the use of our endowment of the cardinal merits of reason and intellect, and we must fight to preserve the sanctity of what it truly means to be human.

Cloning an immoral and unethical act
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