Trade union act 1926

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Trade Union Act

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Trade Union - Circle Union means any combination, whether temporary or higher, formed primarily for the purpose of tedious the relations between workmen and degrees or between workmen and workmen, or between ideas and employers, or for imposing restrictive breaks on the argument of any trade or punctuation.

The Union and its members will thereupon alien protection in certain cases in respect of both ironic and criminal liability. —A union entered on the approved list maintained under the Bombay Industrial Relations Act, as adopted in Madhya Bharat by the Madhya Bharat Industrial Relations (Adaptation) Act, Samvat (Madhya Bharat Act 31 of ), before the commencement of the Indian Trade Unions (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Act, (Madhya Pradesh Act 28 of.

The Trade Unions Act, 1926 - MCQs with answers

THE TRADE UNIONS ACT, THE TRADE UNIONS ACT, [ACT 16 0F ] An Act to provide for the registration of Trade Unions and in certain respects of define the law relating to registered Trade Unions. Whereas it is expending to provide for the registration of Trade Unions and in certain.

S25T Prohibition of Unfair Labour Practice No employer or workman or a trade union, whether registered under the Trade Unions Act, (16 of ), or not, shall commit any unfair labour practice. S25U Penalty for Committing unfair Labour Practices (6 months imprisonmen + or fine upto INR or both).

The Trade Unions Act, 1 Chapter I: Preliminary 2 ‘An act to provide for the registration of Trade Unions and in certain respects to define the law relating to registered Trade Unions.’5/5(1). THE TRADE UNIONS ACT, ACT NO. 16 OF *1 [25th March, ] An Act to provide for the registration of Trade Unions and in certain respects to define the law relating to registered Trade Unions.

Indian Trade Unions Act, is the first labour law on trade unions. The first trade union federation AITUC was formed in ; Post Independence Period. Several Trade Unions came into existence. All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC): Formed in Gradually went into the hands of Communists.

Trade union act 1926
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